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Welcome to the Nigrasaxa mini-saga for Ars Magica.

It is the year 1220 A.D. Magic and miracles are real; as are dragons, demons, faeries, and countless other wonders. These phenomena exist alongside the mundane, feudal world of kings and queens, lords and peasants, merchants and scholars.

Note: some general information on the setting can be found in the wiki.

Your characters are recently inducted members of the Order of Hermes: a powerful organisation of wizards that spans Europe. You have spent the last fifteen years working hard in apprenticeship under a magus or maga who owned you, body and soul. The toil was incredibly rigorous, and would have all been for nothing if you had not been one of the few people who was born with the Gift – the mystical potential to bend and shape aspects of reality to your will. But you have succeeded in mastering the fundamentals of how to apply your potential using the Hermetic system of magic, and you have passed the Gauntlet, the final test to demonstrate to your parens that you are worthy of being recognised as a magus or maga – a full-fledged wizard of the Order, theoretically equal to every other member, and like them bound and protected by the Code of Hermes.

In the last stages of your initiation your parens taught you the final key to using the Parma Magica – a mystical shield that protects a magus from hostile magic – the ritual created by Bonisagus near five hundred years ago which made it possible for magic users to come together without fear of being disintegrated by one another; the ritual which made the formation of the Order of Hermes possible. 

Your magus characters have come together from various backgrounds at the invitation of an old and powerful magus, Maximianus of Bonisagus. You have been given membership in his recently established covenant, Nigrasaxa, located in the county of Dorset in southern England, and officially part of the Stonehenge Tribunal of the Order of Hermes.

Ars Magica - Nigrasaxa

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