Scottish earth magus


A solidly built, red-headed Scotsman of slightly below average height. Dusty robes of a muddy peat colour, with a sash of red, green and black crosshatched tartan identifying him as a son of Clan MacLea.

Connor speaks English with a thick Highland accent which renders him almost impossible to understand and frequently slips into his native Gaelic.


Connor was born in the Spring of 1190, on the Isle of Lismore at the southern end of the Scottish Highlands. An upstanding youth who stood by any fallen friend, and wreaked havoc upon bullies, his sense of fairness and reason was surprising in one of his tender years.

At about 10 years of age a Guernicus Quaesitor on circuit through the Highlands found the boy and identified his Gift. His reputation among the surrounding clans was all the mage required and offered an apprenticeship to the lad.

After completing the gauntlet, Connor spent some years as a Quaesitor in the Highlands and earned a reputations as a swift and harsh decision maker. The offer by Maximianus to join the Nigrasaxa tribunal was well timed and accepted.



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