Gilbert de Clare

Earl of Gloucester and Hereford


One of the thirteen current earls of England, the most powerful lords of the land below the king. The earl of Gloucester and Hertford, with immense estates in Gloucester, Dorset, Devon, Kent, and Wiltshire.

Around 40 years of age, he is married to Isabel, a daughter of the famous William Marshall. They have just had a baby daughter, their only living child at the moment.

Gilbert does not seem to be heavily involved in the affairs surrounding the young king at the moment – most of his time and energy presumably spent seeing to his domain in Gloucester and Herefordshire, a territory which borders the lands of the Welsh princes, known as the Marches. Life on the Marches is characterised by frequent raids, skirmishes and general trouble making and lawlessness, as the Norman Marcher lords (like Gilbert) compete with the native Welsh princes (who are also constantly vying amongst themselves due to the peculiar traditions of inheritance in Wales) for land. Gilbert’s current nemesis is Morgan Gam, lord of Afan.

Gilbert de Clare

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