Maximianus of Bonisagus

Founder of Nigrasaxa covenant


[Spring 1220] About average height, Maximianus is rather overweight and looks around 60, although he is far older than that. He is balding, and though he keeps his hair and beard trimmed short, they fail to look dignified. He wears robes of deep purple embroidered in silver with mystical symbols.

[Autumn 1220] With a catastrophic explosion, Maximianus entered Final Twilight.


A widely respected master of Corpus magic. He has written numerous important texts, many of which are in the library at Nigrasaxa. He was a fairly typical theoretician Bonisagus, but in the last couple of decades he has shown much more interest in the politics of the Order. He came to Stonehenge and founded a covenant specifically to break the cycle of invalid tribunals, and has recruited young magi to strengthen it. He is ancient, and widely respected.

Maximianus of Bonisagus

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