magus characters


As part of the introduction to the game I'll be providing pre-generated magus characters. Later on you'll be able to fully create your own characters (including companions and grogs), and your own covenant if you want to.

But for now, take a look at the capsules below and let me know which character(s) interest you most, and I'll put together the character sheet. They're all pretty stereotypical representatives of their Houses, so you'll get an idea of the distinctive traits of each House. I'd prefer to have no more than one magus from any particular house, but if you guys really want to double up I can (but the second character will be a lot less stereotypical and a lot more random haha). 

Note that while I'll be making up your stats, your character's name, gender, appearance and specific background and personality details are up to you. I'll be giving you Personality Traits, which are mainly meant as an aid to roleplaying, but do have some mechanical uses. I'll probably let you adjust these to a limited extent if you wish.

Bjornaer: Much more comfortable with animals than with people, and may think of him or herself as just as much animal as human. As a Bjornaer, has been initiated into the Outer Mystery of that House, which in game terms grants the Heartbeast Virtue, which allows the magus to transform into one kind of animal, in this case the wolf.

Bonisagus: A "lab rat", happier in his laboratory than in the outside world, though he has obligations and a sense of curiosity that push him out. Driven to make some great discovery in magic.

Criamon: Gregarious and an avid seeker of mysteries and wielder of magic. Has difficulty articulating her observations and discoveries in a way that makes sense to others.

Flambeau: Hot-tempered and fiery, he can throw fire at opponents very effectively, but isn't much good at anything else magical. Burnt his bridges with certain people who aren't flamin' happy about it. Did I mention he likes to heat things up?

Guernicus: If she lies (says something she believes to be untrue as if it were true) she cannot use any magic until the sun next rises or sets. She also makes it hard for those in her presence soon after she casts a spell to lie.

Jerbiton: A social creature who sees herself as an artist in music and magic. Has the Gentle Gift, so can interact with mundanes without penalty.

Mercere: A wanderer and explorer. Unlike many members of his House, he has the Gift, and focuses on weather magic.

Merinita: A magus with faerie blood, which brings its own set of advantages and hindrances. She is adept with illusionary magic.

Tremere: A political creature with his sights aiming high in his House and the Order.  Magics focusing on the elements.

Tytalus: Argumentative and formidably intelligent, she seeks out conflict. Her strength lies in magic to do with the mind.

Verditius: Descended from dwarfs, she has their fabled skill in metalsmithing and stonemasonry, and seeks perfection in her work.


magus characters

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