Here is the introduction to the game. The pages on character selection and initial seasonal activities.

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The player character's covenant, Nigrasaxa, is in Dorset, in the Stonehenge Tribunal.

A summary of known information about the Magi of Stonehenge Tribunal.

An Overview of Tribunals in Mythic Europe.

Nigrasaxa Annals

A record of some of the more significant events that occur during the campaign:

Spring 1220

Summer 1220

Autumn 1220

Winter 1220

Some upcoming events:

Winter 1220 – The Aegis of the Hearth ritual at Nigrasaxa expires at the end of winter.

Spring 1221 – Lord Robert is due to bring his annual donation to the covenant.

Spring 1222 – Stonehenge Tribunal is due to meet at the end of the season.

Summer 1227 – The Bjornaer Gathering of Twelve Years.




Ars Magica - Nigrasaxa

Avandus Elenari Kynalyssa