Ars Magica - Nigrasaxa

Autumn 1220


Maximianus enters Final Twilight

Ownership of the covenant passes to the six player character magi


Seasonal activities

Arabelle studies Warrior's Deliverance (10 xp in Corpus)


Guiscard studies raw Vim vis (8 xp in Vim, consumes 1 pawn Vim vis from Nigrasaxa stores)

Henri reads Health and True Function of the Human Form (9 xp in Corpus)


Tadgh studies raw Vim vis (3 + stress die (4) xp in Vim, consumes 1 pawn Vim vis from Nigrasaxa stores)


Covenant matters

1 pawn of Corpus vis gained from Maximianus' parens' liver

3 pawns of Creo vis gained from Agnes the crone

Vis stores at end of season:

Animal: 25 pawns

Corpus: 7 pawns [increased by 1]

Creo: 14 pawns [increased by 3]

Intellego: 6 pawns

Mentem: 12 pawns

Vim: 10 pawns [decreased by 2]


Other events

In November Pope Honorius III finally anoints Frederick II as Holy Roman Emperor, making him the most powerful potentate in Europe. In return Frederick renews his crusading vows, and begins organising a German contingent of crusaders to join the expedition currently stalled in Egypt.


So the players need to decide what they’re going to do in regards to their Mentem vis source in Romney Marsh. The location is about nine days walk from Nigrasaxa (about half that on horseback) – I’ve put the quickest route on the google maps overlay. Timing is important as the raw vis can only be collected on the last night of autumn.

The characters gather that in the past Maximianus would send Eleanor (the turb captain) and another soldier grog on horses, along with two or three of the covenfolk (different people each time, but usually women or the more soft-hearted of the men) on a horse-drawn wagon borrowed from the teamsters, who usually have little work to do at this time of year. Eleanor would take several vials and use them to collect the tears of the covenfolk. The whole trip usually takes about 12 to 14 days. Eleanor is familiar with the route and so far there have not been any serious problems. While she is gone she leaves Tancred in charge of the turb.

So will the magi continue this practice, or do they have something else in mind?

Autumn 1220

I vote to continue in the current form. Guiscard will likely have a use for it in the future.

Autumn 1220

Continuing the tradition sounds good, as long as the coven folk are willing. Maybe we should have a mage escort them? Although I don’t know if that would cause seasonal activity issues…

Autumn 1220

Willing? What sort of mage overlord are you? It’s over 10 days so it would depend…. Ashe would need to be nice and the mage doing a non lab focussed task.

Autumn 1220

Haha a magus might actually get away with being gone for up to twenty days in this situation because the vis needs to be harvested on the night where autumn changes to winter – so as long as a magus is not gone for more than 10 days either side of that night, they could still get both season’s worth of lab work without penalty for interruption (assuming that they are not involved in any other extra-covenant activities in autumn or winter).
Of course if the trip ends up becoming an adventure then they could instead use adventure xp to advance for the season…

Autumn 1220
Dr Rick Dagless

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