Ars Magica - Nigrasaxa

Spring 1220


Arabelle, Guiscard and Henri arrive at Nigrasaxa and go on the adventure A Small Favour

Connor, Lucia and Tadhg arrive at Nigrasaxa

Arabelle, Guiscard and Henri gain the Reputation Helpful 1 (local)


Seasonal activities

Arabelle gains advancement by adventure (5 xp in Muto, 2 xp in Rego)

Connor investigates the area around the covenant, looking for metal ores and vis sources (5 xp in Area Lore: Dorset; see below for details on his discoveries)

Guiscard gains advancement by adventure (4 xp in Creo, 3 xp in Perdo)

Henri gains advancement by adventure (5 xp in Intellego, 2 xp in Muto)

Lucia searches for a suitable animal to make her familiar

Tadgh studies On Standing Firm  (3 xp in Terram)


Covenant matters

1 pawn of Corpus vis gained from Maximianus' parens' liver

Vis stores at end of season:

Animal: 20 pawns

Corpus: 5 pawns [increased by 1]

Creo: 12 pawns

Intellego: 7 pawns

Mentem: 12 pawns

Vim: 12 pawns


Other events

In May the young Henry III is crowned King of England a second time, this time in keeping with tradition, i.e. officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and held at Westminster on a sunday. He is still a minor however, and royal power is still administered by the triumvirate of Pandulf, Peter and Hubert. The second coronation is likely a move by the triumvirate to appease the Archbishop of Canterbury and others who were dissatisfied with the ad hoc novelty of Henry's first coronation at Gloucester, and to more firmly establish the legitimacy of the new king – and by extension their own positions of power.


Connor's discoveries

Searching the area around Nigrasaxa, Connor is unable to locate any vis sources, probably because of his lack of knowledge of the art of Vim. However Henri joins in the hunt for a few days later in the season, and picks up a scent while the two magi are deep underground…

Unfortunately Connor doesn't find any metal ore deposits of any significance either. It seems the land of the covenant is mostly limestone, with little in the way of valuable minerals, though the Isle of Portland to the south has quarries for the extraction of "Portland stone", which is shipped all over England, while the "Purbeck marble" quarried near Corfe castle to the east is a prized material for building and decoration.

Further northeast there is a great deal of clay, and the local "Verwood pottery" is popular throughout southern England.

Connor also finds out that Robert has the legal right to claim wreck of the sea on the beach that forms the edge of his land to the south and west.

He also comes across/learns of a few interesting sites:

  • Several miles north east of the covenant the "ridgeway", a series of chalk hills and bluffs, runs roughly parallel to the coast. There seems to be a number of ancient barrows and stone circles scattered throughout this higher ground, with Maiden castle dominating. These are earthworks surrounding the top of a large hill south of the town of Dorchester. They may be the remains of the seat of the Durotriges tribe from before the Roman conquest. The ruins can be entered through twisting passages between embankments, but they seem to be deserted. However there are tales that say the site is a faerie stronghold and going there on the correct night may lead to encounters with the fae.
  • Further north of the ridgeway there is a great carving on a hillside of a humanoid figure with a prominent phallus, known as the Cerne Giant. The figure is said to be the lingering presence of a giant who terrorised the local area before being slain while he slept, whereupon his body dissolved, leaving only the outline behind. It is apparently a popular destination for couples wishing to procreate, it being said that even barren women who sleep on the phallus become able to conceive.
  • Much further north, the Mendip Hills are said to be a wild and dangerous place haunted by ghosts, home to faeries, and favoured as a cavorting spot for demons. It is claimed that the soil here makes people sick if they dig down into it, and that the whole area is a huge graveyard with bones and ancient corpses that refuse to rot. This was the site of a magical duel during the Schism War, between Averna of Tytalus, a corporeal necromancer, and a Diedne magus. Moreover, the hills were once a major source of lead and silver for the Roman Empire…


Connor will mention the Maiden Castle faerie link to Guiscard and suggest he make inquiries with the group he is in contact with in the forest.

Spring 1220
Dr Rick Dagless

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