Ars Magica - Nigrasaxa

Summer 1220


Seasonal activities

Arabelle studies Threshold of Resurrection (11 xp in Corpus)


Guiscard studies raw Creo vis (12 xp in Creo, consumes 1 pawn Creo vis from Nigrasaxa stores)

Henri studies Intellego vis (9 xp in Intellego, consumes 1 pawn Intellego vis from Nigrasaxa stores)


Tadhg studies Passage of the Waves (7 xp in Aquam)


Covenant matters

1 pawn of Corpus vis gained from Maximianus' parens' liver

5 pawns of Animal vis gained from collecting Blandford fly larvae

Vis stores at end of season:

Animal: 25 pawns [increased by 5]

Corpus: 6 pawns [increased by 1]

Creo: 11 pawns [decreased by 1]

Intellego: 6 pawns [decreased by 1]

Mentem: 12 pawns

Vim: 12 pawns


Collecting the Blandford fly larvae is a straighforward matter. A number of the covenfolk know the precise location where it needs to be taken from – just over a day’s walk from the covenant – but it is an unpopular task as those assigned to it inevitably end up with their legs covered in painful bite marks from the mature flies.

Summer 1220
Dr Rick Dagless

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