Flaky French faerie boy


A tall, thin man in voluminous robes who wanders around with a wormholed, driftwood looking staff almost 5 feet in length. Grey, blue hair frames a youthful face with piercing green eyes which reminds you of a calm sea under stormclouds.

During conversations a French lilt comes through in the tone of a very cultured voice and occasionally as his hands come free from the robes, his half webbed fingers are visible.

When performing magic, the scent of ocean and brine surrounds him, making nearby people thing of the beach on a breezy day.


Born the half-blood bastard of a luckless sailor and an Undine fae, Guiscard was raised by his mother with his faerie brethren near Le Havre on the banks of the Seine. He is as comfortable in the water as walking on land and is prone to being found near the stream that flows around Nigrasaxa.

Occasionally he is in the middle of a conversation and a small faerie girl with seaweed hair and a beguiling voice appears behind him, mocking his words and pantomiming his movements. Of these semi-frequent intrusions Guiscard remains stoic and merely says his sister, Zyarele, has a view that he has chosen the wrong companions for his life, and should return to the rivers of his birth.

Guiscard is also prone to bouts of confusion during commonplace discussions as he tries to understand why humans make the decisions they do.


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