The wolf man of Anjou


A feral young French man with a harsh voice, Henri’s uncouth nature and blatant, warped Gift mean he gets along with animals much better than with humankind. Even among magi his welcome is uncertain as he bears the stigma of being a protegee of Bloodgrin, the Beast of Anjou.

Most comfortable in the forest, Henri ranges far in wolf and human form searching for mystical secrets and sources of Vis. A student of the body and its transformations he works his art with great flexibility and without need of word or gesture. His sigil is the scent of rich forest leaf litter, but the warped nature of his Gift means his workings also raise the hackles of all nearby. Perhaps because of his bestial nature he is also weak against the element of fire.


The child of French peasants Henri was discovered at a very young age and apprenticed (read abducted) by Bloodgrin, a Clan Midusulf Bjornaer Magus whose heartbeast was a spotted hyena.

Originally from north Africa Bloodgrin had settled in Anjou, France in company with two of his former apprentices. Henri grew under their questionable care. For twelve years he ran the hills of Anjou as a wolf, following the lead of a spotted hyena, fox, and painted wolf. Bloodgrin’s small sept were quite insular, hostile even toward the encroachment of “civilization” in Anjou.

In 2015, two years after passing his Gauntlet, young Henri attended his first Bjornaer Gathering. He did this alone and in defiance of his master, whose hostility had of late been spilling into outright aggression against the lumberers, farmers, and churchmen of Anjou.

Sponsored by sympathetic Bjornaer Henri was formally recognized and ordained into the Order of Hermes at that Gathering. He also learned of how Bloodgrin had been distancing himself from the rest of the house, and that there was the perception his sept were turning feral. Henri decided not to go back, heading north rather than return to French hills of his brith.

In the years since Henri has lead a somewhat vagabond life, drifting eventually into the forests of southern England, learning the secrets of the land, its seasons, and creatures. During his infrequent contacts with other Magi Henri would hear of Bloodgrin’s brutal attacks on villagers and others throughout Anjou. Of how the three magi were drawing attention from both mundane and Church authorities and risking Wizard’s War for their breach of the Code of Hermes.

Such events should have seemed distant to Henri in the quiet woods of Dorset. Occasionally however, when stalking alone in the wilderness he would be spooked by a sudden giggling and the stench of rotten meat. It seems his master has not forgotten or forgiven his desertion yet. When Bonisagus offered Henri a place in the newly forming Nigrasaxa covenant the young Frenchman jumped at the chance of securing a home and safehaven.


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