Mundane affairs

The English invaded Ireland in 1169-70. Most of the English colonists live in the island's southeast regions. Other territories are ruled by Irish kings. No one is strong enough to keep the peace and territorial rulers raid at will, making and breaking alliances as it suits them. King Henry III is lord of Ireland, but William Marshall II rules as regent in his stead.

Order of Hermes affairs

Territory encompasses all of Ireland.

Founded by Tytalus and Merinita magi, the Tribunal has several traditions that demand rivalry and challenge, each intended to make the Order stronger. Rules regarding faerie interactions are loosened, and several magi purposefully combat faeries. Marriages, kinfolk and alliances weave through magical and mundane society, leaving princes, abbots, hedge wizards and magi in a complicated web of interpersonal relationships.

There are nine large covenants and two Mercer Houses. The new covenant of Ashenrise was founded by continental magi and is at odds with the other covenants.

There are many traditions of hedge wizardry here; most of their practitioners live in the western province of connacht, where the Order has promised not to interfere. In fact many of these wizards have formed their own association somewhat equivalent to the Order of Hermes – the Coill Tri.



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