Mundane affairs

The five Christian kingdoms in Iberia (Castile, Leon, Portugal, Navarre and Aragon) are currently more or less united in the Reconquista – a holy war against the Islamic Moors of southern Spain and Morocco. In recent years they have had great victories against their Andalusian foes, and many are now confident that soon Iberia will be fully in the hands of the Christian kingdoms.

The Reconquista has repeatedly received papal sanction as a crusade, and as such the powerful military orders of the Templars and Hospitaliers, along with a number of local orders that have been established in the last several decades, have been granted estates in Iberia.

Iberian society, particularly in Leon and Castile, is a complex mix of Christians, Jews and Muslims. Since the Arab invasion of the region five hundred years ago, conditions have fluctuated between war and peace, between dominance by Christians and Moors. Jews have freedoms and respect unheard of in most of the rest of Europe, and there is some degree of tolerance for Muslims in the Christian domains, and vice versa, although as the Reconquista continues, animosity is fueling harsher strictures between opposing faiths. 

Order of Hermes affairs

There are currently only half a dozen covenants in the Iberian Tribunal. Magi of House Flambeau are common here, drawn by the conflict.

A tradition of the House Ex Miscellanea known as the Hermetic Sahirs is found almost exclusively in the southern half of the Iberian peninsula. These Islamic magi can summon and bind Jinni, local spirits of the lands occupied by Muslims.


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