Mundane affairs

At the moment there are four Christian states in the Levant: the Kingdom of Jerusalem (though it is currently based in Acre as Jerusalem is in the hands of the Ayyubid Muslim dynasty established by Salah al-Din), the County of Tripoli, the Principality of Antioch and the Kingdom of Cyprus.

The rest of Syria-Palestine is in the hands of Muslim rulers, most of them Emirs of the Ayyubid family.  Egypt is also held by the Ayyubids, namely Salah al-Din's nephew al-Kamil, and is their main power base.

However, just a few months ago the latest crusader expedition (the fifth) took Damietta after an eighteen month siege, giving them a strong base in the Nile delta. The expedition has been beset by problems as contingents of crusaders come and go, and seems to currently be in a state of indecision about how to proceed as they continue to wait for the promised arrival of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II.

Order of Hermes affairs

The Levant Tribunal is composed of fifteen tribunals. In these violent, dangerous lands the lifespan of covenants tends to be short though, as do the lives of magi, resulting in a Hermetic population that is young compared to other Tribunals.


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