Mundane affairs

The Languedoc is the home of courtly love and troubadours, but also a land where heresy abounds. Religious conflict has torn this area; the recent Albigensian crusade, where French knights responded to the Church's call to eradicate the Cathar heretics, saw many horrors and atrocities inflicted across the region.

Order of Hermes affairs

Historically Provencal has been the stronghold of House Flambeau – the covenant of Val Negra was the home of the House's founder. Believed to have been destroyed in the Schism War, there is considerable mystery around its exact location, its evacuation and its replacement by Castra Solis, in the hills of Bordeaux, as domus magna. 

There are currently eleven other covenants in this Tribunal, but the three main power centres are Castra Solis, Aedes Mercurii, and Coenobium.




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