Mundane affairs

Fifteen years ago the Byzantine Empire was dealt a savage blow when its capital, Constantinople, was captured by an army of crusading knights from western Europe who were ostensibly on the way to the Holy Land. After capturing the city – one of the largest in the world – they established a new empire, one based on the feudal society and Catholic Christian religion of western Europe (as opposed to the monolithic imperial bureacracy and Orthodox Christianity which had prevailed in the region for the last seven hundred years). This Latin Empire still reigns from Constantinople, although it stands in peril as its territory shrinks in the face of native rebellions, fractious vassals, an expansionistic Bulgarian Tsar, and the retaliations of the successors to the Byzantine Imperial house.

Order of Hermes affairs

This Tribunal is centred around the Aegean Sea; Greece, Macedonia, Thrace, Asia Minor, Crete and the thousands of islands that dot the sea.

Magic and the supernatural is more commonplace in the Theban Tribunal than in many western Tribunals. Forgotten gods and nature spirits abound, and even peasants may have a simple spell to make life easier for themselves.

Moreover, vis is plentiful here, and its ready availability has allowed the Tribunal to develop a society amongst its thirteen covenants that is relatively altruistic and egalitarian.



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