Mundane affairs

Mundane society here is very different from that in the western European kingdoms. Nobles in the Tribunal do not owe fealty for their lands or peasants (so magi may be nobles without swearing fealty or breaking the Code).

Transylvanian society is constantly under pressure, as in the 13th century it straddles the border between East and West. The King of Hungary, Andrais, is probably the richest king in Europe, and has embarked on radical new schemes of reform. He has made his nobles wealthy and independent, and invited Crusaders to garrison parts of his kingdom. He is now finding it difficult to control either. Tsar Ivan Asen II, ruler of the Second Bulgarian Empire, is aggressively trying to restore his ravaged empire, and claim the throne of Constantinople. Meanwhile the many lesser leaders in the region try to consolidate their power.

Order of Hermes affairs

The Tribunal's territory is more or less modern Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria.

The magi of Transylvania differ from Western magi also. They have been welded into a great machine of governance and war by House Tremere. The magi of that House believe the Tribunal is a practical demonstration of the validity of their House's ethos – that magi should work together to create a better world. They are trying to redesign society to make it the perfect vessel for human achievement.

Magi may use their powers openly since magic is not illegal in mundane society, and Hungarian law allows magi to live by their own Code, with their own courts.


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