Magi of Stonehenge Tribunal

The Stonehenge Tribunal currently comprises several dozen full-fledged magi, as well as a handful of Redcaps – unGifted members of House Mercere who act as messengers for the Order of Hermes. There are also a number of would-be magi in varying stages of apprenticeship.

Most of the magi are distributed between the nine currently active and recognised covenants of the Tribunal, with the remainder operating independently or in small groups that have not sought covenant status. Unlike the case in many other tribunals, these unaffiliated magi are still recognised as members of the Stonehenge Tribunal.

The covenant of Blackthorn has been the host of tribunal meetings since 1201. The Praeco of Stonehenge, Talion of Flambeau, resides here. As Praeco, he oversees Tribunal meetings. Also at Blackthorn is Iudicium of Guernicus, the senior quaesitor of Stonehenge. Holding the combination of Praeco and senior quaesitor has given Blackthorn a dominant position in Tribunal politics for a long time. 

Burnham covenant, in the far northeast of England, has had little to do with other covenants, and has only recently begun sending representatives to tribunal.

Cad Gadu is the domus magna of House Ex Miscellanea. It also keeps largely to itself, despite having the oldest maga in the Tribunal, Immanola. Her primacy in age qualifies her to be the Praeco of Stonehenge, but Blackthorn has succesfully passed a Tribunal ruling disqualifying her from the position (promoting one of their own, Talion, to Praeco). She has also recently lost her position as Prima of House Ex Miscellanea to another.

Libellus, like Nigrasaxa, is a new covenant largely populated with young magi. As such it has done little of note so far.

Schola Pythagoranis is a Jerbiton-dominated covenant of scholars, located in the university town of Cambridge. Its members seem to be as interested in mundane scholarship as much as magical, and have stayed out of tribunal politics.

The wandering covenant of Semitae consists of a group of wagons which house the magi and covenfolk. The Criamon magus Gerfallon dictates the route this odd caravan takes throughout the tribunal. Presumably there is some logic to its course, but if so it is apparent only to Gerfallon.

In the mountains of Cumbria in north west England, the aging Ungulus covenant appears to be in its twilight years. It is widely expected to fall in the near future, which will no doubt result in a feeding frenzy as magi try to claim the magical treasures the covenant has accumulated over many decades.

Voluntas covenant has been a centre of opposition to Blackthorn almost since it was founded, and also has hostile relations with Horsingas covenant from the Loch Leglean Tribunal. Julia of Jerbiton led the fight to break the stranglehold that Blackthorn had on tribunal matters, and continues to try to reduce their political influence. Voluntas is renowned in the tribunal for its library, and its magi are happy to negotiate for the right to study in it (usually in exchange for texts or vis), unless the applicant is from Blackthorn covenant, whose magi are never given permission to spend time in the library.


Magi of Stonehenge Tribunal

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