Overview of Tribunals

These pages provide a quick overview of the current state of each of the thirteen Tribunals of the Order of Hermes:

Greater Alps: includes Austria, parts of Bavaria and parts of northern Italy

Hibernia: Ireland

Iberia: Spain and Portugal, nominally including the Moorish states

Levant: includes the Holy Land, the crusader Kingdoms, the Near East, parts of Asia Minor and (nominally) Egypt

Loch Leglean: Scotland and the northern isles

Normandy: northern France including Flanders and Burgundy

Novgorod: includes eastern Europe, Poland, Russia and (nominally) Scandinavia

Provencal: southern France, the Pyrenees, Provence, Vasconia and western Lombardy

Rhine: the Rhine valley and the Holy Roman Empire north of the Alps

Rome: the Italian peninsula, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica and parts of North Africa

Stonehenge Tribunal: England and Wales

Thebes: Greece, Macedonia, Thrace and most of Asia Minor

Transylvania: southeastern Europe, Hungary, Bulgaria and Serb and Croat lands

Overview of Tribunals

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